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Per Person Ages 12+

Solve the Case and Get out of the Vault

You have been hired by Dr. Olivia Snow to put a team together to steal a recently developed nano-virus. This virus has been placed in the vault of Mason Industries, which you know to be a Free Mason company with their own sinister agenda.

The ultimate use of this virus is unknown. Your client doesn’t want you to take it all, just one tube. What she is going to do with it, you don’t really care, but maybe you should.

The vault that you are to break into is highly secure, and no one has penetrated its security. Your first hire is one of the best hackers you know, N. Sypher.

You’re going in a little blind, but hey, that is your specialty. You trust N. Sypher to be your eyes and ears while you and your team deal with the unique challenges in this unbreakable vault.